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June 6th Starts [NL]’s ‘MyPlate Week’

June 4, 2011

Last Thursday, the USDA unveiled the new federal food icon known as MyPlate and despite some criticism, most health experts ackowledge it’s a step in the right direction.

Love it or hate it, MyPlate is here to stay (at least for awhile). So instead of smashing the new MyPlate to pieces and disregarding it before you even have a chance to eat off it, let’s take this opportunity to embrace the new icon, focus on its positive attributes (there are actually quite a few) and demonstrate how it can help American’s develop healthier food choices and eating habits.

That’s why Nutrition Lately has dedicated the week of June 6th “MyPlate Week” as a way to inform and demonstrate the messages behind the new food icon.

Beginning Monday, June 6th [NL] will provide a new post that will dissect each of the 5 sections of MyPlate, one section per day until Friday the 10th. Each day we will provide a basic rundown of one section including the health benefits of the food group, foods that fall into each category, and how you can incorporate them in to everyday meals.

So be sure to check out Nutrition Lately again on Monday to see the first day of “MyPlate Week” and come back the following days to see a complete rundown of the new USDA food icon, MyPlate!

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