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Breast Milk Ice Cream, Anyone?

March 4, 2011

Sure, I like ice cream. I’m more for the traditional flavors like chocolate or strawberry but I’ve had my fair share of unique varieties—cinnamon, spiced pumpkin, and pistachio nut among others. Breast milk ice cream doesn’t make the list, however. More than likely it never will. But now, it could be a possible option for some.  

Recently, a specialty ice cream parlor in London put out an advertisement for local women to provide breast milk for a variety of ice cream it would be offering. Fifteen women answered the ad and provided breast milk to be added with several other ingredients to make the ice cream. The name of this new flavor you ask? Baby Gaga.  It’s a fitting name for a radical new flavor to say the least.

Baby Gaga is being touted by the parlor as wholesome and natural but the food safety authorities in London seem to disagree. The ice cream has already been confiscated after concerns that the frozen treat may spread viruses. After all, natural doesn’t necessarily mean disease-free.

Breast milk, like other bodily fluids, has the potential to spread numerous viruses including hepatitis and HIV. All things considered, the ice cream likely won’t become a fan favorite even if testing proves the product is safe for consumption.

As different as it seems a food item like this shouldn’t be too surprising given today’s food trends. As we continue to head towards more sustainable and natural foods, options like this will continually be introduced into the market. This all begs the question, “would you try it?” Post your comment below or take the poll to let your opinion be heard.


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