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March is National Nutrition Month®

March 1, 2011

March might just be my favorite time of year. Why? Two simple reasons: it’s March Madness (huge college basketball fan) and it is National Nutrition Month®. If you didn’t know, here’s the scoop on what National Nutrition Month (NNM) entails.


This year’s theme for NNM, sponsored by the American Dietetic Association is, “Eat Right with Color.” The message behind this slogan is to make small and simple changes like adding more fruits and vegetables to get more appealing and nutritious meals. By making small, gradual changes like these you can build a strong foundation of healthy habits that can result in an overall healthier lifestyle.

To accomplish this task focus on one change at a time such as substituting that daily pop for a glass of milk or water three times a week. Research has shown by making changes such as these more steadily you can better maintain healthy habits in the long term while at the same time spare yourself from the stress of overwhelming and dramatic change.


To get more information visit the ADAs NNM official website for recipes, videos, nutrition games and more. Or feel free to post a comment below. Have a happy National Nutrition Month!

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