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[NL] Welcomes New Contributor: Katie Caputo, RD

April 24, 2011

Growing up in an Italian family, I had the privilege to create many special memories with family and friends around the dining room table. Whenever I am asked why I chose dietetics as my major, I can’t help but go back to these childhood memories that shaped my career decision.

My college career began at Michigan State University (MSU) in August of 2004. While attending MSU, I developed a strong, well-rounded background in nutritional health. After earning my Bachelor’s degree in dietetics, I began the dual Public Health Nutrition Master’s degree program and dietetic internship at Case Western Reserve University in August of 2008. At CWRU, I studied and practiced the core functions of Public Health nutrition. I was able to increase my awareness of the essential services Public Health nutritionists provide as well as to prepare myself to practice professionally in the field.

As a nutrition professional, I find it crucial to stay up to date with trends and claims presented by the media. When it comes to research on nutrition and health, media reports are often responsible for much of the frustration the public feels toward the health community. With emphasis on short, “newsworthy” pieces, these reports often convey the results of single studies, and many stories are chosen because the results run contrary to current health recommendations.

Trust in nutrition information comes from presenting information from credible sources, and from communicating these in ways which the general population will understand. Science and technology are modernizing the field of nutrition and are consequently increasing its complexity.

Therefore, as a credible health professional, I am thrilled at the opportunity to provide [NL] readers with current information regarding the field of nutrition and the impact advances in medical science have on the discipline.

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  1. April 28, 2011 2:03 PM

    Nice going !!!! We’re honored to have been a part of your life. I applaud your presentation and thinking. It has been my thinking for some time now. Chocolate Milk is better than no milk. Camoflauged “veggies” better than none. Keep up the good work. How is life in California? Hugs………cousin Lois

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