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Kenmore Live Studio’s Cooking Combat Videos ft. [NL] Are Here!

April 14, 2011

 A short while back I made a trip to Chicago and had the opportunity to take part in a live competitive cooking show: Kenmore Live Studio’s Cooking Combat. As a guest judge, I had the pleasure of eating some delicious food and mingling with the great people at Kenmore. This particular show pitted two teams from the Chicago Cooking Chicks against one another to see who could make the best St. Patty’s Day themed treats.

Posted below are a couple of clips, so be sure to check out some highlights from the show. For more on the show, Kenmore Live Studio, and the recipes used that night (awesome mini-cupcakes and chocolate soufflés) visit Kenmore’s Facebook fan page or check them out on Youtube.

After eating and critiquing some great tasting treats, the other guest judges and I tallied our scores and picked a winner. View the clip below to see which team won!

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